These pages are about my ‘second home’. Often, I would spend the whole of my school summer holidays here, staying with my grandparents, and, later, with my Aunt and Uncle.

The town is in the industrial Ruhr area, and the main industry is steel. At one time, railway wagons were built and repaired here, too. Fortunately, all the factories seem to be hidden away behind a bend in the river, or on the other side of the railway, so the town centre is very picturesque, and seems to be surrounded by forested hills. The town also has a famous castle and museum.

    The Town: A few views around town

    Bentheimer Hof: One of only two hotels in town. This one’s in the town centre.

    The Schloss: No visit to Hohenlimburg is complete without a visit to the castle and its museum.

    Stadtfest 2005: A family visit to the annual town festival.

    Some Links: Find out more about this fascinating town.

hohenlimburg crest

Hohenlimburg Crest

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